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Terms and Conditions

This site provides reloading data.

Never trust that any reloading data provided to you from online sources is correct, unless you can verify said data in at least one reloading manual provided by a powder or bullet manufacturer.

None of the information provided on this site - - is guaranteed to be correct, true or fit for any purpose whatsover.

Should you choose to use the information contained on this site, you do so entirely at your own risk.

The site owner assumes no responsibility or liability for any consequences related to the use of information contained in this site.

Any information you contribute to this site is editable by yourself and the system administrator only.

Although the system administrator will have permissions to change your data, this will not happen unless

Any load data with a powder charge exceeding that as stated in an official reloading manual will be considered unsafe and summarily deleted. A user that continues to upload such data will be banned from the site.

Any user that uploads reloading information with charges that exceed officially published reloading data to this site risks having their access permanently revoked.

Any cartridge load data is that is not available in any official reloading manual, will remain on this site at the sole discretion of the site administrator, and the load notes field may be appended to indicate such.

Participation and data access is free of charge.

The intention is for access to this site to remain free, and generate revenue from an advertising model instead of user subscriptions.

By registering to use this site, you understand and accept these terms and conditions.

Reloaders know full well that it is possible to exceed the charges as stated in the reloading manuals. Nothing prevents you from doing so. This site just doesn't want to know about it.

Happy reloading, in safety.